What’s in YOUR Toolbox? 

toolboxWelcome to AGEucate’s blog specifically for senior care professionals.

I’m Pam Brandon, Founder of AGEucate LLC and we focus on exactly what our name implies… Aging Education! More specifically, we specialize in dynamic and innovative aging and caregiver training programs that senior care providers need to better train their staff and communities. We’ve been working with family and professional caregivers, providers, non-profits and community organizations for over 7 years – we understand the needs of caregivers, and the challenges that senior care providers face in educating their caregivers and communities!

The senior care market is competitive. Providing better care to our senior adults should be a passion and priority. The question is how are you training your staff to provide better care? As a professional caregiver educator and having worked with countless senior care providers and discussed this issue with numerous executives, administrators and direct care staff, this is a HUGE challenge.

When staff is not properly trained, especially in the areas of dementia, they become frustrated, stressed and too often leave a job because they don’t feel like they are successful or being fulfilled. What a tragedy that we lose potentially great caregivers because they lack the proper training and knowledge. To say there is a crisis in this area is an understatement. We need to relook at our training and how to provide tools and resources to those caring for our residents and patients.

As a caregiver educator, I have presented on numerous caregiver topics over the years. Even great training, speaking and presenting yields low retention rates – somewhere in the area of 15 percent. We need experiential education, and sensitivity training is known to be the most powerful training tool in the educational arsenal. Retention rates will skyrocket when one is engaged in learning.

I’m privileged and honored to represent one of the most powerful training programs available today. If you have never experienced the internationally acclaimed Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT), you need to! It is a life changing experience for the professional and family caregiver. Thanks to the passionate work of PK Beville, founder of Second Wind Dreams and creator of the VDT, it is now available worldwide to senior care providers, community organizations and the public sector to help train the explosive number of caregivers that desperately need to understand this disease from the inside out. The VDT experience is Your Window into Their World .