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Quarantine in Long-Term Care: Prevention at What Cost?
Kathy Dreyer
In response to the emergence of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control issued a preparedness checklist and guidance on how long-term care providers should respond. Read more.

Touch as Communication: Connecting with a Care Receiver
Kathy Dreyer
How do you feel about being touched? It probably depends on who is touching you, and why. Are you comfortable touching someone who is not Read more.

Loving A Loved One Through Dementia
Kathy Dreyer
The mention of Valentine’s Day evokes thoughts of love, candy, romantic love and friendship. Expressions of love and kindness are exchanged through gifts and cards. Read more.

The Trauma of Relocation for People with Dementia
Julie Boggess
    My husband and I have made the decision to right-size our lives and sell our house of 23 years. For many years now, Read more.

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