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The Perpetual Now: Living in This Moment While Living in the Past
Kathy Dreyer
As a parent or caregiver, you likely have been asked, “When is dinner?” or “Do I have to do that now?” Sometimes the questions are Read more.

In 2021, Hope For A New Year: Hurry Up And Wait
Kathy Dreyer
It goes without saying, but here goes: 2021 really cannot get here soon enough. There are many reasons to hope and to look forward to Read more.

To Renew and Recover: How Big is Your Boat?
Kathy Dreyer
For those coping with the direct effects of COVID-19, finding ways to renew and recover has been challenging. Even as the vaccine begins to be Read more.

A Traffic Jam and A Quarantine: When Will We Be In the Clear?
Kathy Dreyer
Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam? Traveling on the road, either for work or vacation, and slowly you start seeing the red Read more.

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