Welcome to The AGEucated Caregiver Blog!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope the information and ideas that we share will help you in your caregiving journey. If you are just beginning to care for an older adult in your life, or if you find yourself overwhelmed with challenges, our goal is to provide guidance, inspiration and education.pam&grandman

My name is Pam Brandon, and I am the founder and owner of AGEucate LLC. I began my work professionally in the field of caregiver education after traversing the winding road of caring for my own parents in various capacities for many years.   While it was a journey of many joys and blessings, it was some of the most difficult years of my life.

I was a poster child for the “sandwich generation”.  Caring for young children and parents put me smack dab in the middle of it all – with no guide books for either!  Many years have passed, and I’m still not quite sure which was more challenging.  But I made it through and now spend a good deal of my life passionately helping others in this journey we call life – because chances are more likely than not that you will be caring for an older adult in your life – or need care yourself.  Either way, information, education, resources and support are absolute musts.

Here’s my sweet and precious mother,  Jeanette.  Several years after my dad had passed  from complications of Alzheimer’s, my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  It was like a lighting bolt had struck our family.   But we walked the path of Parkinson’s together for almost 9 years – through the triumphs and trials, hills and valleys, twists and turns.  It was life changing for both of us.   No one understands the true gifts of precious moments together until you’ve cared for someone who you love deeply.

I look forward to sharing and caring!