Welcome to The AGEucated Caregiver Blog!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope the information and ideas that we share will help you in your caregiving journey. If you are just beginning to care for an older adult in your life, or if you find yourself overwhelmed with challenges, our goal is to provide guidance, inspiration and education.pam&grandman

My name is Pam Brandon, and I am the founder and owner of AGEucate LLC. I began my work professionally in the field of caregiver education after traversing the winding road of caring for my own parents in various capacities for many years.   While it was a journey of many joys and blessings, it was some of the most difficult years of my life. Continue reading

What’s in YOUR Toolbox? 

toolboxWelcome to AGEucate’s blog specifically for senior care professionals.

I’m Pam Brandon, Founder of AGEucate LLC and we focus on exactly what our name implies… Aging Education! More specifically, we specialize in dynamic and innovative aging and caregiver training programs that senior care providers need to better train their staff and communities. We’ve been working with family and professional caregivers, providers, non-profits and community organizations for over 7 years – we understand the needs of caregivers, and the challenges that senior care providers face in educating their caregivers and communities! Continue reading

Juggling Waterford Crystal

Cullet heapCan you picture this?  Just the thought of it sends chills up my spine!  But that’s exactly what a caregiver recently expressed to me.  Trying to juggle a demanding job, her mother’s stubborn behavior about accepting help, complicated family situations, and keeping her marriage in tact through this all was taking it’s toll.  As she described what if felt like, I could picture her words, and thinking about so many of the other caregivers I help who feel this exact same way. Continue reading

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