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A Traffic Jam and A Quarantine: When Will We Be In the Clear?
Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam? Traveling on the road, either for work or vacation, and slowly you start seeing the red Read more.

COVID Recovery: Rebuilding Human Connections
Julie Boggess
For nine months, we’ve been under COVID-19’s siege.  People residing in care communities are still confined to their rooms, cared for by overwhelmed team members Read more.

COVID Recovery: Developing the Next Generation Aging Services Workforce
Julie Boggess
Eight months after the start of the pandemic,  Aging Services providers can barely hang on to enough staff to care for their residents.  Emphatically, The Read more.

Gifts of the Season: The Best Ones Keep On Giving
It happened every year during the holiday season. My classmates and I would dress up in our coats, hats, and gloves, with gifts in hand. Read more.

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