Compassionate Touch®

Is skilled touch that eases distress in people with dementia AND their care-partners. This practical, evidence-informed approach literally puts in your hands a non-pharmacological solution that:

  • Is Feasible: Uses existing resources | Easy to learn | Practicality ensures sustainability
  • Is Effective: Decreases anxiety | Promotes sleep | Eases pain | Builds trust in caregivers | Provides a non-pharmacological prevention strategy for behavioral symptoms
  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction: Reduces job burnout | Builds strong relationships | Aligns with person-centered care practices
  • Encourages Family Engagement: Provides a means for family to calm, comfort and support their loved one | Enhances the family’s experience as a member of the care-team
  • Strengthens Marketability with a unique program for community outreach | Sets your organization apart | Demonstrates commitment to culture change
Step One: Compassionate Touch® Coach Training
  • Upon completion of this six-hour workshop, attendees are designated as a Compassionate Touch® Coaches and authorized to teach fellow staff members and conduct community outreach presentations.
Step Two: License
  • We license your organization to use the Compassionate Touch® branded program and materials for one year with annual renewal.
Step Three: Follow-up
  • We provide on-going support for Coaches throughout the license period