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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: One Icon Out Of Many Icons
Kathy Dreyer
The first Monday in October is the day the Supreme Court begins its new term. On October 5, the Supreme Court will begin another term. Read more.

Grandparent’s Day: Learning From Those Who Came Before Us
Kathy Dreyer
This month we observed Grandparent’s Day. In the media, there have been stories and videos of families connecting with their loved ones both virtually and Read more.

Ambiguity Times Three: Coping With Loss, Grief, and Relief
Kathy Dreyer
We have been coping with the ambiguity of COVID-19, the resulting restrictions, quarantine measures, and social distancing. Healthcare workers, essential workers, and all of those Read more.

Heads I’m Right, Tails You’re Wrong: Adapting to Changes….Again
Kathy Dreyer
Have you ever known you were right about something? You were so sure you were right, but everyone else made you feel you were wrong?  It Read more.

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